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Interface PMBannerAdView.BannerAdViewDelegate


Enclosing class:

public static interface PMBannerAdView.BannerAdViewDelegate

Interface for interaction with the PMBannerAdView. The entire interface is optional. Some methods override default behavior and some are required to get full support for MRAID 2 ad content (saving calendar entries or pictures). All messages are guaranteed to occur on the main thread. If any long running tasks are needed in reponse to any of the sent messages then they should be executed in a background thread to prevent and UI delays for the user.

Nested Class Summary

Modifier and TypeInterface and Description
static interface


An interface to notify when user is navigated from current activity

static interface


Interface allowing application developers to control which device features are exposed to rich media ads.

static interface


An interface to notify the activity of internal browser.

static interface


An interface to notify the ad request callbacks.

static interface


An interface to notify the events of MRAID ads

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