PMP troubleshooting playbook

Common Issues with PMPs

  1. Deal is not active/live (in both PubMatic's UI and the DSP platform)
  2. Insufficient volume on the Deal ID (e.g., selected inventory from the publisher or site)
  3. Error in the Deal ID (e.g., space or special character, sometimes lower case in the Deal ID is not identified)
  4. Mismatched targeting settings (e.g., geo, ad size/formats, allowlisting, budget, frequency capping, flight dates) between PubMatic and the buyer
  5. Low deal bid eCPM (e.g., bidding below the floor or losing out in the PMP auction)
  6. Lost bids due to blocklist/deal allowlisting in PubMatic UI
  7. DSP is not responding with the correct Deal ID
  8. Advertiser domain is categorized into blocked IAB category
  9. Incorrect buyer is mapped or incorrect buyer seat ID
  10. Low/no-bid requests or response rate
  11. Incorrect allowlisting results in advertiser URL directing to an unintended landing page (e.g., a Good Food & Wine Show advertiser is directing to a ticket sales landing page, such as TicketMaster)

Troubleshooting Deal IDs within the PubMatic Publisher UI

If your Deal ID is not working, please run through the below checklist to ensure that all settings are correct in the PubMatic Publisher UI:

Is the bid request from PubMatic going out to the DSP for the PMP deal? If no:

  • Check if PubMatic is seeing impressions from the publisher on the tags where the deal is targeted
  • Check if the campaign for the region/geo where the deal is targeted is mapped to the site linked with the deal
  • Check with whoever sourced the deal (publisher, buyer or DSP) to make sure that the buyer seat ID was used correctly
  • Check other settings in the Product and Deal listed below:
    • Sections
    • Ad Formats
    • Ad Sizes

Is the bid request from PubMatic going out to the DSP for the PMP deal but lower than expected? If yes:

  • Check if the DSP is re-targeted where the bid request is sent for a cookie matched user only
  • Check if the deal is geo-targeted, as this can often mean too narrow targeting
  • Check if all tags are mapped to the Product

Is there no bid response from the DSP?

  • Check with the buyer to see if they are seeing the bid requests for the deal coming from PubMatic
    • If yes, then the buyer needs to start sending the response for the deal
    • If no, then the buyer needs to check the targeting on their end and make changes to see the bid requests

If the win rate for bid responses is nonexistent or low, run the below checks:

  • Check if any of these bid responses are being reported as blocked bids under any of the below-mentioned filters:
    • Blocklist (landing page URL): make sure that the domains for which the bids are coming through can be removed from the blocklist
    • Auction: bids for the deal are losing in an auction to other DSP bids. In this case, priority can be changed for deals to tweak the performance as per individual publisher requirement
    • Floor: check if the bid eCPM from the DSP for the deal is below the deal eCPM
      • If yes, then reach out to the DSP and have them correct that
      • If no, then check for any rule which is higher in priority and eCPM as compared to the deal
    • Creative: check why the creative was blocked and make changes as per the publisher requirement
  • If nothing is reported in any of the above filters, run the below checks:
    • If the publisher has a multi-level auction, then the bids are losing in the publisher auction
    • Reach out to your PubMatic account manager for further troubleshooting

NOTE: If the total number of impressions on a PubMatic Site is fewer than 5,000 during the last 30 days, PubMatic will automatically deactivate all of the demands for this Site. The demands will be automatically reactivated if this Site reaches 5,000 total impressions for the past 30 days. If all Sites targeted in your deal do not have demands associated, your deal will not deliver.

Troubleshooting Deal IDs within the DSP

While every DSP is different, there are some common helpful approaches to troubleshooting Deal IDs. If your Deal ID is not working, please run through the below checklist to ensure that all settings are correct in your DSP:

Deal ID Creation: 

  • Is the Deal ID correctly entered into the DSP and live? Double-check all characters, letters, and numbers to ensure that they match exactly to the Deal ID originally received from PubMatic.
  • Ensure the correct exchange is selected (e.g, PubMatic).

Line Item Settings: 

  •  If applicable to your DSP, ensure that your Deal ID is on a separate line item.
  • Check your targeting needs from PubMatic to make sure that you are targeting the Deal ID under inventory and no mismatch targeting is applied.

Frequency Cap Settings:

  • Review your frequency cap - is it too restrictive?

Line Item Spend Settings: 

  • If you're not responding enough to the Deal ID, ensure that your line item is set to "ahead" or "aggressive" where possible.

Competing Line Items: 

  • Are there other line items that are taking budget from the Deal ID line item?
  • Are the other line items on a more aggressive spend setting or delivery priority? 

Viewability Settings:

  • Is the viewability setting impacting scale?

Set-Up, Troubleshooting and Best Practices for DV360

If using DV360 to run PMP Deals with PubMatic, please follow the below best practices and take note of top deal spend blockers to help troubleshoot deals.

 Provided by DoubleClick.

DV360's Best Practices

  1. Target one deal per line item for a quick view of performance, easy troubleshooting, and more control over the bid, targeting, and creatives
  2. Do not target deals and open exchange in the same line item
  3. Always bid higher than the floor price to avoid currency fluctuations 
  4. Always use fixed bidding on deals
  5. Use minimal targeting to prevent blocking spend
  6. Verify that the buyer is passing User IDs (if not, then you cannot use frequency capping or audience lists within DV360)
  7. Check that creatives are approved for the correct SSP (PubMatic)
  8. Deals usually do not pace properly and a large percentage of requests are ineligible on the first day, which is normal. 
  9. Google audience (Affinity, In-Market) is not currently available for PubMatic.  We are working with DV360 to make them available.
  10. Demo segments are available for PubMatic but the scale is very low. DV360 does not recommend using demo segments. 

Top Deal Spend Blockers

  1. Blocks on creative categories, tech vendors, data and cookie settings 
  2. Outbidding 
  3. Narrow targeting
  4. Creative requirements (SSL, VPAID) that are not supported/accepted by the publisher
  5. Inventory mismatch
  6. Lack of inventory from a publisher
  7. Creative approvals 
  8. Incorrect landing page mapping
  9. Setup errors

Set Up PubMatic Deal in DV360

  1. In the inventory tab, click on the My Inventory section then click on the New button at the top of the page and select New non-guaranteed inventory.
  2. On the New inventory source screen enter the details (Name, Floor Price and Dates, in the UI are informational only and do not impact the deal):
    • Use a naming convention that describes the deal
    • Select PubMatic as the exchange
    • Enter the Deal ID
    • Enter the Floor Price
    • Type of deal (Preferred or Private auction)
    • Add the partner/advertiser in the Inventory access field
  3. Click Save to create your deal.
  4. Once your deal is created, you can set up your campaign. Under Inventory Source in Targeting, you will see three tabs: Public Inventory, Private Deals, and Automatic Deals. Select the Private Deals tab and search for the deal you just created and select it.
  5. Set up the rest of your line items as usual

PubMatic's PMP Troubleshooting Recommendations

If you suspect issues with your PMP deal, please first log into the

and select Marketplace > Deals click the Deal Name to see how that deal is performing for the specified date range. If any issues are identified, they will be listed within the analytics dashboard (Analytics > Dashboard). If you are still unable to troubleshoot fully, contact your PubMatic account manager for further assistance. 

Issue 1: You check deal performance in the PubMatic MBC and see that you are not responding to bid requests

  • Email your PubMatic account manager to troubleshoot with the correct Deal ID
  • Refer to DSP troubleshooting steps (above) and ensure that there are no issues with campaign setup within the DSP

Issue 2: You check deal performance in the PubMatic MBC and see that bid responses are being blocked

  • Email your PubMatic account manager to troubleshoot with the correct Deal ID
  • The below are common reasons that PubMatic sees bids being blocked:
    • Blocked (FF) - Deal ID Floor eCPM
      • Bid lost as the bid value sent by the DSP was below the floor set for this Deal ID
    • Blocked (DW) - Deal Allowlisting
      • Bid lost as the advertiser's category/name/domain associated with the bid response was not included in this deal's allowlist
      • Exact domain may not be allowlisted for the Deal ID - verify if you are bidding for an unapproved domain for the Deal ID
    • Blocked (LB) - Low Bid
      • Bid value sent by the DSP is too low
    • Blocked (LPF) - Landing Page Filter
      • The domain is in the publisher's blocklist, where the opportunity is to enable the deal allowlisting to override the blocklist if needed other auction blocks may occur but not be pulled into the MBC

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