Quick sheet: Adding Sites and Tags in the Publisher UI

This document provides high-level steps and tips to follow to set up sites and tags individually, and uploading domains to allowlist for an account.

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To set up important elements of your account, complete the following steps using the instructions below:

  1. Add sites to your account.
  2. Add domains to allowllist.
  3. Create ad tags.

Add Sites

Sites are often created for different areas of a website. For example, the home page and subpages for sports, news, entertainment, and more. A publisher will often want to have a unique ad tag for each slot on a page. If you have multiple properties, you may want to set a different site for each. 

Sites can be added through bulk upload or individually. Sites must be added to the PubMatic platform before creating associated ad tags.

  1. Select Inventory > Sites & Tags.
  2. Click Add a Site/App.
  3. Select Web or Mobile Web from the Platform drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the fully-qualified domain for the site.

    The URL must start with https:// or https:// and contain .com or the equivalent at the end.
  5. Enter a name for the Site Identifier.

  6. Select Secure if the site is compatible with the HTTPS protocol.
  7. Select a Primary IAB Category from the drop-down menu and Secondary IAB Category, if applicable.

  8. Complete remaining details in the Configuration Preferences section, including:

      • Select Monthly Ad Impressions for the site.
      • Add URL of your privacy policy, if desired.
      • Select COPPA Compliant if the app is child-directed.

      • Check the API Settings box according to the integration type:

        Integration typeCheck the API Settings box?
        Exchange Bidding (EB)Yes
        Index integrationsYes
        Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM)Yes
        Prebid integrationsAutomatically checked
  9. Select Save or Save and Add Another Site.

Upload domains to allowlist

Domains for allowlisting can be added at any time, but at least one domain must be allowlisted for a site. 

  1. Select Inventory > Sites & Tags from the main navigation.

  2. Select Bulk Uploads > Upload Domains.

  3. Download the template and enter the Site URL (which is the Site Identifier indicated in the Publisher UI) and the Domain URL for each you want to allowlist. 
  4. Return to the Publisher UI Upload Domains window and click Choose File to locate the file.
  5. Click Upload.

After allowlisted domains are added, the Domains column will indicate the number of domains added for each site. "0" in the Domains column indicates that no domains have been allowlisted for a site. A minimum of "1" should be listed for active sites.

To learn more about managing an allowlist, refer to Allowlist documentation.

Create Ad Tags

Ad tags are associated with sites that have been added to the PubMatic platform. Typically, publishers create a separate ad tag for each ad that will be displayed on a site. Ad tags can be added individually using the instructions below or in bulk upload.

  1. Select Create Ad Tag.
  2. Select the site or app for which the ad tag will be applied. 
  3. Enter the Format Type and Response Code.

  4. Complete Ad Slot Preferences:
    • Ad Placement: Select the placement of the ad relative to the page (Top, Bottom, Middle, Left or Right of Page).
    • Fold Placement: Select the placement of the ad relative to the fold (Above the Fold (ATF), Below the Fold (BTF), or Partially above the Fold).
    • Expansion: Select the direction the ad will expand (Up, Down, Left or Right).
  5. Select User Data Parameters. For Mobile/Video, add details such as location, DMA, etc., adding as many details as possible.
  6. Add a passback by either using Select Existing Placement and selecting from the list or to add a new passback, choose Provide Passback Script. The PubMatic system will automatically recommend an ad tag name, however, this can be customized as needed. 

    Passback ad network mapping is mandatory for tag-based accounts, but optional for API and ORTB accounts.

    Note for Exchange Bidding (EB) Ad Tags

    When creating EB ad tags, select Provide Passback Script, and add USD 0.0 for eCPM and for the script, simply add <!>.

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