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Bulk Uploading Sites, Ad Tags and Domains

The Publisher UI provides the ability to upload sites, tags, and add whitelisted domains in bulk.

Sites, Tags and Domains can also be added individually in the Publisher UI. For more information about setting up sites and tags individually in the Publisher UI, refer to the Account Setup Guide. Instructions for whitelisting can be found in the Whitelist Manager documentation.

Upload Sites

Sites are often created for different areas of a website. For example, the home page and subpages for sports, news, entertainment, and more. A publisher will often want to have a unique ad tag for each slot on a page. If you have multiple properties, you may want to set a different site for each. 

Sites can be added in bulk or individually. Sites must be added to the PubMatic platform before creating associated ad tags.

  1. Select Inventory > Sites & Tags from the main navigation.
  2. Select Bulk Uploads > Upload Sites.
  3. Click Download Sites or Download Template.
  4. Open the downloaded file and complete the fields for each site:

     Click here to expand field definitions

    Site/App Domain (The URL must start with https:// or https:// and contain .com or the equivalent at the end)
    Site/App Identifier 
    (This will appear in reporting)
     (i.e., Web or Mobile web for sites)
    Primary Vertical or Category 
    (i.e., IAB Category)
    Secondary Vertical or Category 
    Monthly Ad Impressions
    Privacy Policy 
    (URL of privacy policy - optional)
    Is Default Site 
    API Setting Enabled 
    (See important note below for integration-specific selections)
    COPPA Compliant (Y if the site is child-directed)
    Is Secure Site (Y if site is compatible with the HTTPS protocol)
    Decision Manager Type (See important note below for integration-specific selections)

  5. Save the file.
  6. Return to the Publisher UI Upload Sites window and click Choose File.
  7. Locate and choose the file and click Upload.
  8. Click Refresh. The message  File updated successfully will appear in the upper-left corner. 
    If not successful, Failed Entries will appear. Click the Failed Entries button to view errors. If you continue to have entries that fail after fixing errors, please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.
Refer to Creating a New Site for more detailed instructions.

Upload Domains to Whitelist (Optional)

Domains for whitelisting can be added at any time, but it's best practice to add domains when adding new sites. 

  1. Select Bulk Uploads > Upload Domains.

  2. Download the template and enter the Site URL and the Domain URL for each you want to whitelist. 
  3. Upload the file.

After whitelisted domains are added, the Domains column will indicate the number of domains added for each site. "0" in the Domains column indicates that no domains have been whitelisted for a site. (The page may need to be refreshed to update the column after whitelisting.)

Refer to instructions for Uploading a List of Domains for more details.

Create Ad Tags

Ad tags are associated with sites that have been added to the PubMatic platform. Typically, publishers create a separate ad tag for each as that will be displayed on a site.

Create Ad Tags

Refer to instructions for Creating an Ad Tag for more details.

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