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Unified Ad Server Account and Admin Services APIs The Unified Ad Server Administrator creates and manages teams, roles, and users. Assign role-based access to users, teams, and others for specific orders and projects. You can also define labels to define ad characteristics for inclusion and exclusion.

  • Teams are groups of users who perform similar tasks, like ad ops or sales leads. 
  • Roles grant permission to access and change data for a specific function; for example, Order or Inventory administrators. 
  • Buyers are associated with advertisers or agencies. 
  • Users are individuals who will be transacting an account. You can assign users to teams or define roles that specify their access and permission levels. 
  • Accounts provide detailed information about an organization's Account IDs, network, currency, time zones, and whether the account is enabled to access APIs and SSP Monetization. 
  • Contacts provide detailed information about the contact person for advertisers and agencies. 
Before using PubMatic APIs, first generate the API Token. For more information, refer to the Getting Started with PubMatic APIs documentation.

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