VAST bidder tag management


OpenWrap now supports VAST bidder ad units for OpenWrap OTT. These ad unit configurations apply across all bidders. This page covers these topics:

  • VAST Tag Details tab
  • Edit VAST tags
  • Delete VAST tags

For more information:

VAST Tag Details

The VAST Tag Details screen is where you'll view a list of your VAST tags. You can filter the list by status: All, Live, or Paused. The columns are described in the table below. 


This is the actions menu button. Click this button to Edit or Delete a tag.
VAST Tag IDID of an active or paused VAST tag mapped to the partner.
VAST Tag NameThe name you've assigned to the VAST tag. The name is used for reporting and searching purposes.
PartnerSSP/exchange whose header tag is included in the wrapper.
DurationExpected length of the video ad.

Static: Uses the exact price you enter.

Dynamic: Uses the price returned by the VAST bidder in the VAST tag. 

Modification DateThis is the last date the VAST tag was modified.

Live: This is the default setting. The tag is in use or ready to be used.

Paused: The tag is paused if it's not going to be used right away.

Edit a VAST tag

This section provides the steps for editing a VAST tag.

  1. In the VAST Tag Details screen, click the Actions button.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. You can edit these fields:
    • Change the Status
    • Modify the VAST Tag Name
    • Change the Duration of the video ad
    • Select a different Price Type
    • Change the Static Price
    • Change the VAST Tag URL
  4. Click Save when you're doing with the edits. 

Delete a VAST tag

This section provides the steps for deleting a VAST tag.

When you delete a VAST tag:

The PubMatic system doesn't hard-delete a tag, it archives it for auditing purposes. A VAST tag that's been deleted still appears in reporting.

  1. In the VAST Tag Details screen, click the Actions button.
  2. Select Delete
  3. An alert will appear that asks you if you're sure you want to delete the VAST tag. Click either Delete or Cancel.

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