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There are three categories within the Private Marketplace: PMP, PMP-G, and PMP Preferred.

Private Marketplace (PMP): provides publishers with a way to designate certain inventory be sold in an invitation-only marketplace to select buyers or groups of buyers. PubMatic's PMP offers opportunities to both buyers and sellers to maximize revenue and ROI.

Private Marketplace Guaranteed (PMP-G): a deal between one seller and one buyer, guaranteeing spend and audience in a fixed-price auction. PMP-G combines the exclusivity and predictability of direct-sold campaigns with the data targeting, scale, and efficiency of RTB infrastructure. Buyers agree to purchase a guaranteed volume of premium impressions from a publisher at a committed spend level.

Private Marketplace Preferred: a deal between one seller and one buyer for fixed price inventory (only one DSP and one buyer can be selected for this deal type).

Video Learning

Creating your first PMP deal

In this video you will understand how to create a PMP deal, including using various filtering and targeting criteria.

Monitor PMP Performance

As your deals begin to monetize and generate revenue, it makes sense to monitor performance to ensure consistent growth. This includes reviewing the settings of those deals, investigating transaction touch-points, and leveraging reporting. In this video we will cover:

  • How to use the Deal Management UI to analyze the makeup and performance of your deals
  • Using the Funnel Report to step through the bid life-cycle 
  • Using deal-specific reports to locate potential areas for optimization and adjustment.

PMP Troubleshooting

This video provides a few troubleshooting scenarios you might encounter while working with your PMP deals and what you can do to resolve them.

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