Manage Domains/Apps and Blocklists/Allowlists in Media Buyer Console (MBC)

The PubMatic Media Buyer Console's (MBC) Tools menu provides a complete set of options to create, delete, and manage blocklists and allowlists for your web domains and apps.

Get started

  1. Log into MBC with your account credentials. Contact your PubMatic account manager if you need assistance.
  2. From the Tools menu select, Domains/Apps Blocklist

Manage domains/apps blocklists/allowlists

The  Domains/Apps  page lets you manage the blocklist/allowlists for your campaigns. The Blocklist & Allowlist tab lists your campaigns and their associated blocklists/allowists for your domains and apps. The page provides several options to manage your campaigns and upload/download your new/changed blocklists and allowlists.

On the Blocklist & Allowlist tab of the Domains/App screen, use the:

  • Find field at the top-left to search for blocklists/allowlists.
  • Show drop-down list to change the number of entries displayed on each page of results.
  • Page field to jump to a specific page number.
  • < > buttons to page forward/back through the results pages.
  • Column headings to sort the table columns in ascending/descending order.
  • Left-column checkboxes to select and perform operations on multiple rows.
  •  actions menu to Download Blocklist/Allowlist (CSV) files.
  • Campaign Name link to change the doman/app list mode for a campaign (see Change blocklisted/allowlisted domain/app list modes below).
  • Upload list dropdown (upper-right), to upload blocklist (CSV) files (see below).

Upload blocklist/allowlist data

Use the steps below to upload data to your blocklists/allowlists:

  1. Choose the type of list you want to upload from the Upload list dropdown:

    If you need to upload an allowlist…

    The user interface in the following steps uses a blocklist, but the process is the same for an allowlist.

  2. When the Upload panel opens, press Select File to select a CSV file containing the domains you've added to your list (up to 10,000 URLs), then press Upload.

    If you need to create a new blocklist/allowlist…

    Use the Download Template button to download a CSV file that you can open and edit in your favorite worksheet app. You'll find three required columns to populate, similar to the example below:

    When you've completed your data entry, export the file as a CSV, then upload the file as described in step 2 above.

    After your CSV list uploads, MBC verifies the results then lists the number of entries in the Processed column similar to the image in step 2 above. The Failed column indicates whether the file contains errors, so you can correct it and re-upload.

  3. When the Status column displays, Complete, you can press Close to dismiss the Upload panel.

Change domain/app blocklist/allowlist mode

The two right-hand columns of the Blocklist & Allowlist tab display the campaign's Domain/App Mode for the campaign's blocklist/allowlist. Select a campaign title in the Campaign Name column to open the list mode editor dialog.

In the list mode editor dialog, you can View Blocklist/Allowlist, change the list mode for domain/app, or disable a list entirely:

Mode settings affect the behavior of the campaign like so:

  • Off - domain/app blocklist/allowlist is disabled; MBC ignores uploaded lists.
  • Blocklist - domain/app is in blocklist mode; MBC ignores allowlist items.
  • Allowlist - domain/app is in allowlist mode; MBC ignores blocklist items.

View details of blocklisted/allowlisted domains/apps

The Blocklisted Domains/Apps and the Allowlisted Domains/Apps tabs show details for each of your campaigns. If the number of tracked domains/apps for a campaign is greater than zero, then you can use the Blocklisted Domains/Apps tab to manage specific campaigns as shown below.

This section lets you:

  • Search By Domain/App through the list that can contain up to 10,000 entries.
  • Filter to view all platforms, or by one of the four platform types: WebMobile WebMobile App iOS, or Mobile App Android.
  • Use the Delete… option in the  actions menu to remove an entry from the Domain's/App's list
  • Use the Download Global Blocklist button (upper-right of screen), to download the global blocklist containing all of the blocklisted/allowlisted domains/apps for your campaigns.

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