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Product Updates Home

PubMatic regularly updates its products and solutions. View all product updates using the links on the left or view the latest (2019) updates using the links below.

February 2020 Updates

Proactive Buyer Blocking for Ad Quality:

PubMatic recognizes the impact that ad security issues (malware, redirects, etc.) may have on the user experience of our publishers. Thus, in addition to PubMatic’s proactive efforts at scanning/reviewing creatives, we’ve started a program of blocking a specific set of buyers from the platform. These buyers have demonstrated a higher risk of serving ads with security issues.

The best defense is a good offense. Identifying risk sources, then mitigating them before publishers and their audiences are impacted, represents these ‘top of the funnel efforts’.  In January, PubMatic has blocked 116 buyers in violation from transacting on our publishers. You may ask your Customer Success Manager for info on currently blocked ad buyers quarterly. NOTE: Buyer Blocking is a quarterly activity and will not be available every month.

API Authentication Service Upgrade:

At PubMatic, we are always thinking of ways to improve our service, in order to deliver superior revenue to our customers. As part of these efforts, we have implemented a new authentication service for our API which greatly enhances security, while making token management easier to use and maintain. Please keep an eye on your inbox for additional information coming this month regarding the transition to our new system. For additional information you can visit our PubMatic Community Site.

Ad Quality Scores: 

  • PubMatic was able to identify 35,940 security issues and 100,102 IBVs through Real Time scanner (RTAS) in January. 
  • This amounts to a 2.45% increase in security issues caught and a 42.45% increase in IBVs caught compared to Dec 2019.

Fraud Scores:

  • 188 Flagged Apps
  • 314 Flagged Domains
  • Display SIVT: 1.7%
  • Video SIVT: 0.4%
  • Overall Platform SIVT: 1.3%

Publishers to Highlight:

  • Western Channel and Movies: Western Channel and Movies is the biggest and most highly rated Western Channel on Roku. The channel showcases Bonanza, The Lone Ranger, The Roy Rogers Show and Cisco Kid. Additionally, timeless classics are on heavy rotation featuring John Wayne, Randolph Scott and Gary Cooper!
  • Glewed.tv: This CTV publisher focuses on content with yoga, lifestyle, food, kids and comedy via Amazon Fire, Roku and Apple TV. They have 1M active monthly users and average session length is over 68 minutes!
  • PlaySimple Games: Founded in 2014, PlaySimple Games focuses on creating engaging mobile products to connect people. Headquartered out of Bengaluru, Karnataka, they have built and run popular titles such as Mafia Wars, Farmville, Bubble Safari, Vampire Wars, Yoville and many more.
    • Presently connected to our piped via EBDA/OpenBid, we receive about 550-600MM imps/day, and below is the geo wise break-up for top contributing countries:
      • US - 78%
      • UK - 12%
      • CA - 4%
      • AU - 2%
      • India - 1%
  • BitMango: BitMango is a mobile puzzle game company that develops and publishes quality puzzle games that attract users from all around the world. With four studios under its belt, BitManago owns and operates over 60 games including Word Cookies, the apple store’s most popular game of 2017, Block! Hexa Puzzle (top puzzle games in North America), and Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle (downloaded by more than 170 million users worldwide).
    • App Titles: Over 60 games with major titles including: Word Cookies, Block! Hexa Puzzle, Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle, Line Puzzle: String Art, Bunny Pop, Fruits Mania: Elly’s travel, Lollipop: Sweet Taste Match, Lillipop & Marshmallow Match, Jewel Match king: Quest, Spider Solitaire: Kindgom, Make Hexa Puzzle
    • Please contact bitmango@pubmatic.com to find out more.
  • Mobirix: Mobirix provides a superior gaming experience for users of all ages located all around the world. With more than 200 games designed, Mobirix prides itself on its ability to maintain loyal users who do not need reminders to return back to their apps. Mobirix has an average 4.5-star rating in both Playstore and App Store, making their apps top ranking.
    • App Titles: Over 200 games with major titles including: World Soccer League, Fishing Hook, Maze King, Shooting King, Bricks Breaker Quest, Hit & Knock Down, Snakes & Ladders King, Escape Block King and Mahjong King.
    • Please contact mobirix@pubmatic.com to find out more.

PubMatic is Activated in Display & Video 360 for Programmatic Guaranteed

As of Feb 20th, PubMatic is activated within Display & Video 360 for all buyers to run programmatic guaranteed deals with PubMatic publishers. This solution is ideal for PubMatic publishers and Google Display & Video 360 advertisers looking for the scale and addressability of programmatic technology, while achieving the guarantees and brand safety of direct sold campaigns. 

Benefits for Publishers: 

  • Combine Direct I/O and Programmatic Advertising
    • Programmatic Guaranteed combines the best of the direct I/O with the automation of programmatic advertising.
  • Ensure Transparency
    • Negotiate directly with a buyer and optimize frequency capping, pacing, and targeting parameters for campaign performance.
  • Improved Performance
    • Achieve higher CPMs by guaranteeing delivery on high-value and revenue-driving inventory.
  • Grow Buyer Relationships
    • Establish strong relationships with buyers that can guarantee spend, providing a predictable revenue stream.
  • Troubleshoot and Optimize
    • Alleviate frustration caused by not knowing where a deal is broken. Use our 8-stage funnel analysis report to identify likely issues and quickly fix your deals—without IT resources.

Benefits for Display & Video 360 Buyers

  • Combine Direct I/O and Programmatic Advertising
    • Programmatic Guaranteed combines the best of the direct I/O with the automation of programmatic advertising while minimizing the drawbacks associated with each.
  • Guaranteed Access to Premium Content of PubMatic Publishers
    • Programmatic buyers can guarantee access to the premium content and audience of a vast number of high-quality publishers that PubMatic works with.
  • Ensure Transparency
    • Negotiate directly with a publisher and optimize frequency capping, pacing, and targeting parameters for campaign performance.
  • All-In-One Platform
    • PubMatic offers an all-in-one platform for programmatic guaranteed deals for all ad formats across all platforms.
  • Brand Safety Is Guaranteed
    • Brands and agencies are assured of brand safety while the risk of ad fraud, waste and data leakage issues are eliminated.

Learn more about PubMatic’s PMP capabilities and how to get started with Programmatic Guaranteed in our Implementation Guide.

January 2020 Updates

  • Google Chrome Update | SameSite Setting
    • Starting February 4th, 2020 Google will release Chrome 80 which will end the sending of third-party cookies in cross-site requests, unless the cookies are secured and flagged using an internet standard referred to as SameSite (this update was announced in May, 2019). We recommend you act immediately and visit the Google Chrome Update | SameSite Setting Community Page to learn more about the Google Chrome update, SameSite, setting documentation, and FAQs, and steps you need to take.  
  • Highlighted Publishers and PMP deals
  • Fraud Scores
    • 396 apps flagged
    • 412 domains flagged
    • Video SIVT rate: 0.42%
    • Display SIVT rate: 2.20%
    • Aggregate SIVT rate: 1.66%
  • Ad Quality Scores
    • PubMatic's Real-Time Ad Scanner (RTAS) and manual scans caught 35,079 security issues and 70,243 IBVs.

    • This amounts to a 3.3% decrease in security issues and 25.3% decrease in IBVs compared to November 2019.