FAQ: Private Marketplace

What are the key differentiators of PubMatic's PMP offering?

With a single platform, PubMatic enables publishers to set up PMP deals efficiently across all media types, and optimize them with funnel report to achieve desired scale and performance. 

  • Single Platform - PubMatic offers an all-in-one platform for deals across all ad formats.
  • Powerful Troubleshooting - PubMatic provides comprehensive deal troubleshooting capabilities helping users quickly resolve issues that prevent deals from delivering, performing, and/or scaling.
  • Intuitive UI - PubMatic deal creation is extremely intuitive. No matter how complex your deal is, you can easily create the deal yourself.
  • Strong Buyer Relationships - PubMatic parnters with all major DSPs and buyers, helping publishers sell-through more PMP deals.
  • Comprehensive Features - PubMatic supports all deal types including preferred and guaranteed deals, and with multiple pricing type support, including first price, second price and fixed price.
  • Support – PubMatic offers top-notch customer support to help publishers grow their PMP business, today and into the future.

What tools or guide does PubMatic offer to troubleshoot deals?

PubMatic offers a powerful troubleshooting tool to help publisher users quickly pinpoint problems which prevent deals from delivering, performing or scaling, and guide them to solve those issues step by step. The tool gives users a holistic view of the whole journey of the monetization of publishers’ inventory. With this tool, users can:

  • Get a holistic of view of why a deal is not working properly.

  • Identify bottlenecks to monetization right on the top of the report.

  • Narrow down troubleshooting to specific filters or reasons.

  • Take actions from the insights and suggestions provided.

  • Determine whether the problems lie in PubMatic, DSP or Publisher.

PubMatic also provides a comprehensive playbook to help users troubleshoot deals.

Can PubMatic guarantee delivery for PMP deals?

PubMatic Private Marketplace Guaranteed (PMP-G) is PubMatic’s solution to guaranteed deals. PMP-G combines the exclusivity and predictability of direct sold campaigns with the data targeting, scale and efficiency of RTB infrastructure; buyers agree to purchase a guaranteed volume of premium impressions from a publisher at a committed spend level. A PMP-G deal is between one seller and one buyer, guaranteeing spend and audience in a fixed-price auction. Learn more.

Does PubMatic support Google Programmatic Guaranteed?

PubMatic has an integration with Display & Video 360 for Programmatic Guaranteed support. Display & Video 360 buyers are now able to set up Programmatic Guaranteed deals for PubMatic inventory, and PubMatic publishers can sell guaranteed deals to buyers using Display & Video 360. Learn more.

What is “Priority” in the deal UI? How does it work?                                                               

Priorities determine which of the bids from demand sources should be considered first in the bidding process. PubMatic provides 16 priority levels (P16). Within the P16 model (lowest=P16, highest=P1), a priority needs to be assigned to each deal. Bids for the deal with higher priority will be considered first. Each deal type has an available range of priorities available to apply. This sets higher priority for some types of deals over others for a publisher’s inventory. Recommended the priority range for different deal types:

  • PMP Guaranteed: P5-P7

  • PMP Preferred: P8-P10

  • PMP: P11-P15

  • OpenRTB: P16

(P1-P4 is reserved for publisher direct I/Os or used for blocking certain buyers from purchasing inventory when creating RTB Rules)

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