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Online Onboarding from the GAM/AdMob UI

 You can now add PubMatic as an Open Bidding partner from your GAM/AdMob UI.

If you want to onboard additional domains or apps, or have questions about the onboarding process, contact our customer support team:

For GAM support: PubMatic's GAM support team

For AdMob support: PubMatic's AdMob support team

Google support for GAM CTA: Google Ad Manager help

The onboarding process is quick and simple:

  1. When you select PubMatic in the GAM/AdMob UI, the PubMatic onboarding form will open in a new browser window (see screenshot below).
  2. Complete the form and then click Continue to Legal Contract. Be sure to review before you proceed, because if you notice any errors on the next page you'll have to start over again in the GAM/AdMob UI.

  3. Review the PubMatic Service Order. If you notice any errors, click Clear Form in the bottom left corner of the page and start over again in the GAM/AdMob UI. If everything is correct, click Click here to sign
  4. Click Submit Application when you're ready. You will be redirected back to GAM/AdMob UI and PubMatic will be available to select as an Open Bidding ad source.