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Release Notes

June 2021


OpenWrap Web

  • Unruly S2S: Updated bid and sync endpoints (applies to all OpenWrap platforms)
  • Bridgewell Bidder: Added cid parameter
  • Just Premium Bidder: Added Allow & Exclude parameters
  • OpenWrap A/B Identity Provider A/B Test now allows either the control or test group to have no identity providers

May 2021 

Ad Quality


  • Blocklist management UI update 
    • Removed unknown and unidentified advertisers from selection list in the advertiser view.
    • Full category blocking will apply to all sub-categories under a category unless a specific set of sub-categories are removed.  
    • The advertiser list under a sub-category is no longer available.


OpenWrap Web

  • OpenWrap AMP: Support consent passing
  • New debug console
  • New S2S Bidders: E-Planning, One Tag
  • Prebid Server Version Update
  • Added "Detect Dynamic Nodes" to Identity Hub LiveRamp ATS Config
  • Added seller_id parameter to DistrictMDMX Bidder
  • Fixed bug where GPT integration was broken for IE 11

OpenWrap (all platforms)

  • Added Ad Size dimension
  • Added Ad Unit dimension

OpenWrap Web

  • A/B Testing: Client-Side vs Server-Side Bidders
  • New S2S bidder: aniview
  • New Client-Side Bidders: e_voluition, aniview

April 2021


Video release notes


  • Placement Type reporting is now available in the Publisher UI.
  • Exchange IDs (aka Synthetic IDs) are now generated for Mobile and CTV device inventory for the purpose of supporting FCAPs.
  • RTB Controls workflow now supports setting of Price Floors against Content Object parameters and values.
  • Video responses no longer support Flash VPAID, will treat those requests as either VPAID JS or .mp4 MIME type, as applicable.


OpenWrap OTT

  • Improved error descriptions when on bad request errors

OpenWrap Web

  • New OpenWrap Nightly Version (v22.3.0 – based on Prebid v4.33.0)
    • Prebid's GPT Pre-Auction Module is now included in OpenWrap
    • For outstream bids, the pwtplt targeting key is now sent as pwtplt=display so the correct line item is selected at the ad server
    • Add Unified ID 2 module to Identity Hub
    • Fix issue with Adman and Adtelligent parameters
  • Smatto now available as an S2S bidder
  • OpenWrap profile names can now be updated

Identity Hub Standalone

  • Reduced bundle size (with version v22.2.0)
  • Added Unified ID 2 module to Identity Hub

OpenWrap OTT

  • Added Pulsepoint Bidder
  • Added PubMatic Secondary Bidder

OpenWrap Web

    • New OpenWrap Stable version (v22.0.0)
    • Identity Providers A/B Test Type
    • Fixed issue with Index Exchange Bidder and Slot ID Parameter

March 2021


OpenWrap OTT

  • Fixed issue with AppNexus adapter not bidding in some geographies.

Identity Hub

  • Fixed issue with ID5 Partner ID parameter.
  • Configuration updates for Parrable.

OpenWrap Web (v21.11.0)

  • Fixed issue with A/B results not showing correct currency symbol.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect color coding for timeouts in A/B results.
  • Fixed issue with Index Exchange Bidder and Slot ID Parameter.
  • Fixed issue with 0x0 size being added to mutli-format requests.
  • Prebid addAdUnits() is now called before calls to requestBids().

OpenWrap Web (v21.10.0)

  • Fixed issue where creative rendering can fail on Safari when SafeFrame is enabled.

New Server-to-Server Bidders

  • AMX
  • Smart Ad Server
  • Triplelift  (OTT support added)

New Identity Providers

  • IntentIQ

Updated Prebid.js Version

  • OpenWrap v21.9.0 is based Prebid v4.25.0

Prebid update

Prebid 4.x made important changes in how the GDPR Consent Management module functions. Here's what these changes mean for publishers:

  • Publishers upgrading from Prebid 3.x versions of OpenWrap to Prebid 4.x versions need to review their implementations to see if changes need to be made in order to function correctly with Prebid 4.x. 
  • Prebid has stopped making updates to Prebid 3.x, so in the near future only Prebid 4.x versions of OpenWrap will be available.
  • Starting in Prebid 4.x, the 'Allow Auction Without Consent' setting is deprecated, which means if the Consent Management module is included and no CMP (Consent Management Platform) is found on the page, all auctions will be aborted and no bids returned. 

  • In the OpenWrap UI, the 'Auction on CMP Failure' flag sets the underlying Prebid 'Allow Auction Without Consent' flag. With Prebid 3.x, if the 'Auction on CMP Failure' was set and the CMP was not found, the auction would still proceed. But this behavior is no longer available with Prebid 4.x, so if GPDR Consent is enabled, it's extremely important to either ensure a CMP is present and fully loaded before requesting bids or to set a hard coded CMP response in instances where a CMP is not loadedbecause you as the publisher have independently determined the user is not subject to the GDPR. Learn more

February 2021


OpenWrap A/B Testing - Bidder Testing

  • OpenWrap's A/B functionality now supports the bidder A/B test type. By testing, adding, or removing one or more bidders, publishers can understand how much incremental revenue a bidder brings and can understand the effect of adding or removing bidders across multiple performance indicators.

New Server-to-Server Bidders

  • Improve Digital
  • Grid

OpenWrap A/B Testing - Timeout Testing

  • OpenWrap now supports A/B testing auction timeouts. A/B testing auction timeouts allow publishers to understand the tradeoff between monetization and latency.  A/B tests can be setup when creating a new version of an OpenWrap profile.

    Use OpenWrap v21.7.0 or later when setting up and A/B test.

New Server-to-Server Bidders

  • NoBid

OpenWrap Country Analytics Dimension

  • OpenWrap analytics now has a country dimension. To use the country dimension, select Analytics > Report Builder from the main navigation in the Publisher UI, then select Wrapper from the Dimensions list.

    The country dimension can be used along with any of the dimensions and metrics supported for Wrapper reporting in the Report Builder.

    Data from February 9th, 2021 and earlier will show "Rest of the World" for some or all of the traffic.

January 2021


New Server-to-Server Bidders

  • InMobi
  • TappX

New Identity Provider

  • Zeotap

New Server-to-Server Bidders


New Identity Provider

  • SharedID
  • Halo ID

Prebid targeting keys are now supports for video and "Send All Bids."