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Targeting presets are used as templates for defining targeting criteria. You can save targeting presets (templates), which can be used at a later point for quickly defining targeting criteria for a new line item. Modifying an existing preset will not impact line items that have already used this preset. 

Learn more about Targeting: Targeting & Custom Parameters in UAS 


Use  Custom Parameters  to create key-value pairs for ad targeting. Key-value targeting enables the Unified Ad Server to specify targeting parameters required, e.g.  pageID=123 . Define custom criteria based on common characteristics of your site visitors collected through your website using custom parameters.

Learn more about Parameters: Targeting & Custom Parameters in UAS 


Exclusions are used to apply exclusion rules at the line item level. When exclusions are used, they instruct the server not to display ads from a listed exclusion, which can be a Competitive Exclusion or an Ad Exclusion.

Learn more about Exclusions: Adding and Managing Exclusions in UAS 

Advertisers & Agencies

Advertisers and agencies represents the buyers that will be used when creating orders and line items. View, manage and create an advertiser or agency from this page.

Learn more about Advertisers & Agencies: Creating and Managing Buyers (Advertisers & Agencies) in UAS 


Provide contact information for your clients, their email addresses, and phone numbers.

Learn more about Contacts: Contacts (UAS)