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Even after a buyer-initiated targeted PMP is submitted, it can be edited, paused or resumed at any time by the buyer. Publishers have the ability to pause or resume a buyer-initiated deal, but cannot edit those deals. 

Parent & Child Deals

When a buyer creates a targeted PMP in MBC with more than one publisher, "child deals" are created for each publisher, each of which is assigned its own deal name. Any status changes or detailed edits made to the deal  at the parent level  are applied to its child deals. Status changes can also be made at an individual child level and they will not impact other child deals or the parent deal.

To view child deals, click the Deal ID or other non-hyperlinked area of the parent deal in the list to expand it. 

Accessing the Media Buyer Console (MBC)

  1. Access the URL:
  2. Log in using your PubMatic credentials. 

Viewing Deals

  1. Follow the instructions above to access MBC. 
  2. Select  Marketplace | Deals Deals display in descending order, with the most recently created or edited at the top.

View Options

  • View Child Deals:  Click a Deal ID or other non-hyperlinked area to view its child deals, if applicable. If no child deals exist, none will display when clicked.
  • Search:  Use the search box to locate one or more deals by deal name or deal ID. 
  • Filter List:  Use the filters above the table to modify which deals display in the list. The list can be filtered by reporting period, status or deal type.
  • Sort:  Columns with the sort indicator   can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking the column header. 
  • See Columns Not in View:  Use the horizontal scroll bar to view columns that may be in the table but not in view. 
  • View Fewer/More Deals:  Modify the number of deals displayed using the  Show  drop-down menu.
  • Navigate by Page:  Change which page of deals to view by entering the page number in the Page field. (e.g., Page 2 of 17) or clicking the left/right arrows above the table.
  • Select/Deselect Columns:  Modify which fields display using the  Select Columns  button   . Select/deselect which columns display using the checkboxes next to each. Note that certain columns cannot be deselected as they contain essential information.

Editing a Targeted PMP

  1. Select Marketplace | Deals from the main navigation and locate the deal to be edited.
  2. Click the parent deal's name or select Edit from menu in the Actions column.

    TIP: Depending on the number of columns displayed, the Actions column may require horizontal scrolling to view it. To modify which columns display, click the 

     button select/deselect columns. Note that certain columns cannot be deselected, as they display essential information.

  3. Make the desired changes to the deal. Refer to Creating Targeted PMP in the Media Buyer Console (MBC) for more details.
  4. Click Save Deal.

Deactivating or Activating a Deal

Targeted PMPs with a status of Paused, Failed or Partially Failed* can be activated (resumed). Targeted PMPs with a status of Active, Scheduled or Partially Failed can be deactivated (paused). 

Publishers can activate or activate buyer-initiated targeted PMPs, but cannot edit.

  1. Select Marketplace | Deals from the main navigation and locate the deal to be edited.
  2. Select Activate or Deactivate in the Actions column for the deal. 

*Partially Failed Deals may present both Activate and Deactivate options. This is due to the fact that it contains child deals with different statuses.