Viewing & Editing Targeted PMPs in the Media Buyer Console (MBC)


Even after a buyer-initiated targeted PMP is submitted, it can be edited, paused or resumed at any time by the buyer. Publishers can pause or resume a buyer-initiated deal, but cannot edit those deals. 

Viewing Deals

  1. In the Media Buyer Console, select Marketplace > Deals from the main navigation.
  2. select Deals > Deals from the main navigation. Deals sort in descending order, with the most recently created or edited at the top.

Editing a Targeted PMP

  1. Click the ellipsis to the left of the deal you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit.

  3. Make the desired changes to the deal. Refer to Creating Targeted PMP in the Media Buyer Console (MBC) for more details.
  4. Click Save Deal.

Deactivating or Activating a Deal

Targeted PMPs with a status of Paused, In Progress or Failed, can be resumed. Targeted PMPs with a status of Live, Scheduled or In Progress can be paused. 

Publishers can activate or activate buyer-initiated targeted PMPs, but cannot edit.

  1. Click the ellipsis to the left of the deal you want to pause or resume.
  2. Select Resume or Pause

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