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User-AgentYesIndicates the name of the browser. To be sent in plain text. Do not encode the UA string.
Accept-LanguageYesIndicates the list of languages accepted by the browser.

Indicates the IP address of the device which originated the ad request.
Note: Please send only one IP address which is the most relevant to the user. Do not send multiple IP addresses or X-Forwarded-For header; otherwise this may result in an error/non-monetization.

RefererNoIndicates the Reference URL for the ad request.

In case of server to server integration, sending PubMatic user ID as KADUSERCOOKIE header parameter is mandatory. The PubMatic user ID should be sent in the request header as a cookie key-value pair. The user cookie key name is KADUSERCOOKIE.

For example, Cookie:KADUSERCOOKIE=F6FC89B0-54AE-46E1-A5FF-10336B7A8E26;

Refer: Server side user cookie sync up