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Before using PubMatic APIs, first generate the API Token. For more information, refer to  Getting Started with PubMatic APIs

Line Item Targeting Services


Sr. NoAPI Details LinkDescription
1Inventory TargetingTarget a line item to run on network, target on specific ad units or ad unit groups.
2Geography  TargetingTarget geographies by including/excluding Countries, Regions/States, Cities, DMAs, and or Zip/Postal Code for a line item.
3Zip TargetingTarget zip code.
4Hyper Local TargetingTarget Line Item for a given area using a central location coordinate and radius .
5Hyper Local Data Source TargetingTarget a Line Item on different data sources to derive the user Geo Location coordinates.
6Browser TargetingTarget Browser by including/excluding browsers.
7Browser Language TargetingTarget browser language by including/excluding browser languages.
8Device Capability TargetingTarget Device capability by including/excluding device capabilities.
9OS TargetingTarget OS by including/excluding OS Name, OS Major Version and OS Minor Version for the Line Item.
10Device Type TargetingTarget Device Type by Including/Excluding Device Types.
11Device Manufacturer TargetingTarget for device based on their manufacturer by including/excluding device make.
12Connection Type TargetingTarget Connection Types by including/excluding connection types.
13IP Range TargetingTarget Line Item for Range of IP Addresses.
14UAS Custom Key Value Targeting APITarget the line item on custom key value.
15Carrier TargetingTarget the line item for Carriers.
16. Audience TargetingTarget various audience segments on a Line Item