Retrieving List of Device Manufacturers/Makes

Before using PubMatic APIs, first generate the API Token. For more information, refer to  Getting Started with PubMatic APIs


This API allows you to retrieve the list of all device manufacturers/makes supported in the PubMatic system.




http://{domainName}/common/mobileDevice?filters=deviceLevel eq 1&showAll=true


Request Headers


Header NameTypeValueRequiredDescription
AuthorizationStringBearer ${access_token}YesNeed to send the access token generating for authentication at the place of ${access_token}.
For more information about access tokens, refer to Getting Started with PubMatic APIs.


Response Body


Parameter NameTypeDescription
idIntegerUnique identifier of the device manufacturer/make
nameStringName of the manufacturer/make or model
deviceValueStringDevice value of the manufacturer/make or model
makeStringName of the manufacturer/make
modelStringName of the model
deviceTypeIdIntegerUnique identifier for the device types. Refer to Device Type API for more detail.

Identifier for make/model. 



Sample Response JSON

It will return all available manufacturer/make list available in the PubMatic System in the following format:



            "metaData": {

                        "startIndex": 0,

                        "totalRecords": 1000,

                        "endIndex": 999


            "items": [{

                        "id": 1,

                        "deviceValue": "UnDefined",

                        "make": "UnDefined",

                        "deviceTypeId": 3,

                        "deviceLevel": 1,

                        "name": "UnDefined"

            }, {

                        "id": 2,

                        "deviceValue": "Apple",

                        "make": "Apple",

                        "deviceTypeId": 3,

                        "deviceLevel": 1,

                        "name": "Apple"

            }, {

                        "id": 3,

                        "deviceValue": "Toshiba",

                        "make": "Toshiba",

                        "deviceTypeId": 3,

                        "deviceLevel": 1,

                        "name": "Toshiba"

            }, {

                        "id": 4,

                        "deviceValue": "RIM",

                        "make": "RIM",

                        "deviceTypeId": 3,

                        "deviceLevel": 1,

                        "name": "RIM"

            }, {

                        "id": 5,

                        "deviceValue": "Desktop",

                        "make": "Desktop",

                        "deviceTypeId": 3,

                        "deviceLevel": 1,

                        "name": "Desktop"

            }, {

                        "id": 6,

                        "deviceValue": "Nokia",

                        "make": "Nokia",

                        "deviceTypeId": 3,

                        "deviceLevel": 1,

                        "name": "Nokia"



Error Codes    

   "errorCode": "CC03_0004",
   "error": "Resource not found"

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