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View and manage all of your orders from the Order Management interface. Order Management enables you to view, manage, and create orders, line items and creatives.

To manage orders, select Transactions | Orders from the main navigation.

There are several ways to use filter options to locate the orders you want to view/manage.

Click More Filters to view all filters.

Locate an Order

Locate an order by any of the following criteria:

  • Name: enter the (full or partial) name of the order in the Find box and click Go or the press the ENTER key.
  • 'Favorite' status: Check the Favorites checkbox and click Go.

    An order can be marked as a favorite by clicking the star to the left of the order in the Order Management interface.
  • Run Date, Start Date or End Date: Select the Date Range option and whether the range should be Between, Before or After the date(s) entered, and click Go.
  • Advertiser, Agency, Status, Ad Op Contact, and/or Salesperson: Click More Filters and select the search criteria for each. Click Go.

Edit an Order

  1. Click Manage List to display checkbox options to the left of each Order Name to select multiple orders to act on.
  2. Select the checkbox for each order you would like to take action on.
  3. Select an option from the Action menu (next to the Manage List button) for the selected orders.