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Before using PubMatic APIs, first generate the API Token. For more information, refer to  Getting Started with PubMatic APIs.
Note: This document supports a set of APIs for older integrations.

Demand Partners can opt to receive Rich Media Parameters inline over the RTB API.
Parameters shall be shared in the API request through HTTP POST mechanism and data formatted in JSON. Only available parameters would be added into the JSON Structure. If there are no Rich Media settings available, POST data will not contain the “ rm”  object .


  "rm": {
    "expdir": [2]

Rich Media Properties Format


PropertyMandatoryMulti ValuedDescription

Comma-separated list (array of strings) of IDs of the allowed iframe buster/rich media-supported technologies.
Note: For more details, refer the Rich Media Technologies table in the reference section of this document.


Comma-separated list (array of integers) of the expansion direction IDs.
Note: For more details, refer the Expandable Direction table in the reference section of this document.

crtypeNoNoIndicates the type of creative. Example: vast (VAST 1.0, VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0), MRAID (MRAID 1.0, MRAID 2.0), Image Ad, HTML5, JS, and FLASH.
Note: For more details, refer the Creative Type Attributes table.

Note: Ensure that you check the publisher’s blocked attributes in the "exclude" object ("exclude.creative_attributes" object) before sending a response for the rich media ad.

In case of single bid:

campaignId=26433iUrl=some iurldnbr=3

In case of multi-bid:

    "bids": [
            "id": "4962193793301394576",
            "bid": 11,
            "buyer": 1,
            "bidCurrency": "USD",
            "creativeTAG": "ABC",
            "landingPageTLD": "",
            "campaignId": "26433",
            "creativeId": "39154",
            "creativeID": "39154",
            "crtype": 2,
            "requestId": null,
            "iUrl": "some iurl",
            "creativeAttribute": [
            "dealId": "0"
    "dnbr": 3

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