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Real-time bidding (RTB), also referred to as OpenRTB, is the programmatic means of enabling bidding of individual ad impressions through real-time auctions. Inventory is purchased on an open exchange, allowing many buyers to bid on inventory from multiple publishers in an auction. This can be a highly effective way to get access to large audiences through open exchange programmatic buys.


The following documentation describes the features of the OpenRTB PubMatic supports and limitations. The latest OpenRTB 2.3 specifications are available at . These documents are designed to be used in conjunction with the OpenRTB 2.3 specifications.

OpenRTB 2.3 Documentation for Buyers/DSPs


OpenRTB 2.3 PubMatic Extensions 

OpenRTB 2.3 Integration Plan 

Open RTB 2.3 Examples 

OpenRTB 2.3 Macros 

OpenRTB 2.3 Click Tracking 

OpenRTB 2.3 PubMatic User Sync-Up Pixeling 

OpenRTB 2.3 API Performance 

OpenRTB 2.3 Pre-Filtering / Targeted Impressions 

OpenRTB 2.3 - Demand Portal – Benefits for DSPs 

OpenRTB 2.3 Reference 

OpenRTB 2.4 & Higher Supported Parameters