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When negotiations with an advertiser have concluded but the creatives are not ready to be passed to the publisher, the publisher can 'hold' the inventory for  campaign and not be at risk of the same being oversold by other team member. To avoid overselling of the inventory, a user can "hold" the inventory in a campaign while creating a line item. This will ensure that other sales team members doesn't sell the same inventory while negotiations are still going on.


This setting impacts forecasting reports. Forecasting allows publishers to see what percentage of their inventory has already been booked and what is available for sale. "Held" inventory will appear as booked in the reporting.


Set a Hold on Inventory

Inventory can be "held" only for line items in Draft state, where you have not received any creatives/confirmation from an advertiser to go live.


Follow the instructions in the Scheduling section of theLine Item Details (UAS) documentation.


Important Notes

  • You can only hold Inventory for line items in “Draft” state, whose end date is not reached yet.
  • Standard and Sponsorship are the only line item types eligible for holding the inventory.
  • Held Period is configured in number of days. By default, your account supports ‘held’ inventory minimum for 2 weeks (14 days). The held period can be changed by putting in a request to the respective account manager to change if required. The maximum allowed value for held period is 12 weeks (84 days).
  • The Forecast will hold inventory for line item for a minimum number of days configured at the account level or until the line item end date.
  • Toggling the Hold Inventory option ( ON / OFF ) will only hold the inventory for a given number of days, which is configured at the account level from the first date you set Hold Inventory configuration as ON.
  • UAS will set the hold start date to the instance, when the Hold Inventory option is set to ON for the first time. E.g. If you set Hold Inventory as ON today for the very first time on Line Item, and 14 days (i.e. 2 weeks) held period is set on your account, the system will hold the inventory for today + 14 days. Toggling the Hold Inventory option to OFF and then ON again after a week from today will still only hold the inventory for today + 14 days only.
  • The Unified Ad Server (UAS) will automatically turn the Hold Inventory option OFF if Line Item Status is changed to “Active”.