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In guaranteed ad serving, a publisher's Ad Ops team may want to verify that creatives linked to line items are rendering correctly and the tracking pixel is executing as expected - before the campaign goes live on production inventory. The Test line item feature in PubMatic's Unified Ad Server (UAS) enables the publisher to directly specify the line item and creative ID in the UAS ad request. The UAS Ad Engine will return the requested creatives matching the requested criteria, such as ad format, ad size, etc.

Enable/Disable Test Mode

Line item 'Test Mode' can be enabled/disabled for a guaranteed line item type (i.e., Sponsorship, Standard or House) while creating or editing a line item that is in Draft, Active, Delivering, Pause or Inactive status. To enable or disable Test Mode, use the Test Line Item toggle.

Testing the Creative with a Test Line Item

  1. Select Transactions | Line Items from the main navigation. Select the line item from the list to view it.
  2. Preview the creative associated with a test line line item by selecting Actions | Preview Test Line Item. 

  3. Enter the test URL of the page where the creative will be rendered and enter the respective creative ID you would like to test in place of Creative ID in the string provided.

  4. Either click Open in New Window to open the URL or click Copy Link to manually paste the URL in a browser tab.
The Ad Unit script configured on the page intercepted includes the parameters, uastest=true&uaslineitemid=6739&uascrid=<Creative ID>, if available in the Page URL and the same parameter is sent to the UAS Ad Engine.

Viewing a List of "Test" Line Items 

  1. Select Transactions | Line Items from the main navigation.
  2. Select Test Line Items Only.

Important Notes

  • If you enable Test mode on a line item that is Active or Delivering, it will stop delivering actual traffic until you disable Test mode. Use caution when enabling Test mode to be sure that you disable it when testing is complete.
  • To test the creative execution, you must pass all three parameters, uastest=true&uaslineItemId=XXXX&uascrId=YYYY, in the request and it should be valid. The creative ID provided should be linked to the requested line item identifier. Mismatching or an invalid ID in the request will result in a blank response.
  • While making an ad request, be sure that the ad unit passed in the request is targeted on the requested line item in inventory targeting, and the ad format/ad size should match with the creative you would like to test.
  • The Ad Server will return blank if the requested line item is not enabled for Test mode.

Known Limitations

  • The secure flag sec=1 is not honored and the UAS Ad Engine will return the non-secured response, even though the ad request is expecting a secure flag.
  • The Test line item feature is not supported for multi-ad calls in a single request.
  • The Ad Engine will not serve the creative if it is Inactive state.
  • There isn't any flag in the reporting that identifies how many test impressions were received.
  • The following creative-level macros are not supported for creatives where a line item is enabled for Test mode:
    • DMA