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The following parameters in OpenRTB 2.4 + are supported by PubMatic.


Consumer Identifier

Consumer identifiers support in the OpenRTB specification allows buyers to use audience data in real time bidding. For additional information, refer to IAB OpenRTB 3.0 documentation.


Added field to User Object

eidsObject ArrayAn array of Extended ID objectsYes


Object: Extended IDs

sourceStringSource or technology provider responsible for the set of included IDs. Expressed as a top-level domain.Yes
uidsObject ArrayArray of extended ID UID objects.Yes


Object: Extended ID UIDs

idStringCookie or platform native of the identifierYes
atypeIntegerType of user agent the match is from. See agent types table below.Yes


Agent Types

Type IdNameDescription
1WebAn Id intended which is tied to a specific browser or device (cookie-based, probabilistic, or other.
3AAIDAndroid Ad ID
4Windows Advertising IDWindows mobile advertising ID
5Other mobile IDAnother mobile advertising identifier, such as SHA1 or MD5 version, or other legacy native mobile identifier.


Source Object

The Source object is added in the BidRequest Object. This object describes the nature and behavior of the entity that is the source of the bid request
upstream from the exchange. The primary purpose of this object is to define post-auction or upstream
decisioning when the exchange itself does not control the final decision. For more information, refer to IAB OpenRTB 2.5 documentation.


Object: Source

fdIntegerEntity responsible for the final impression sale decision, where 0 = exchange, 1 = upstream source.Yes
tidStringTransaction ID that must be common across all participants in this bid request (e.g., potentially multiple exchanges)No
pchainStringPayment ID chain string containing embedded syntax described in the TAG Payment ID Protocol v1.0.Yes


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