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PubMatic provides better targeting accuracy by letting Demand Partners filter impressions  before sending the API request.

Supported Filters

  • Geography: Country targeting, and in the U.S. PubMatic can filter by state, city and DMA.
  • Vertical: PubMatic supports 21 vertical categories for the site.
    • Automotive
    • Business and Finance
    • Education
    • Employment and Career
    • Entertainment and Leisure
    • Gaming
    • Health and Fitness
    • Home and Garden
    • Men's Interest
    • Music
    • News
    • Parenting and Family
    • Real Estate
    • Reference
    • Food and Dining
    • Shopping
    • Social Networking
    • Sports
    • Technology
    • Travel
    • Women's Interest
  • Tag Type: PubMatic can exclude Iframe or JavaScript tags.
  • Site URL Checked: PubMatic can make sure ad impressions are coming from the site configured.
  • Frequency Capping: PubMatic can place a per user frequency cap on the RTB API calls that Demand Partner receives to maximize the number of unique the Demand Partner can address.
  • Day-parting: PubMatic can deliver calls only for certain parts of the day, measured according to Pacific Time.
  • Retargeting: PubMatic can retarget based on the PubMatic pixels used. The pixel could be a normal pixel or the one supporting the piggyback cookie update.
    • Filter request based on throttle percent.
    • Filter request, if publisher Lat/Long is not present.
    • Filter request, if MaxMind Lat/Long is not present.
    • Filter request, if device Id is not present.
    • Filter request, if ad fold position is not what DSP has opted.
  • PubMatic supports mobile impression filtering parameters.

    This field is visible only if…

    Mobile Targeting is enabled and platform is selected as Mobile App.
    • Device ID - Filters impressions based on Device ID, Device ID type (IDFA, IDFV, Android ID and Android Advertiser ID) parameters and Device Hash type (SHA1, MD5 and RAW) parameters.
    • Location (Latitude/Longitude) - Filters impressions based on visitor's geographical location (Any Location Source, GPS Based and IP Based) parameters.
    • App Info - Filters impressions based on mobile application (App Store URL, App Name, App ID and Bundle) parameters.

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