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Blocking by keyword enables the publisher to block a URL when the specific URLs for an advertiser is not known. Using this feature, the publisher can specify a keyword which is a part of the advertiser’s URL and the PubMatic system will automatically block the entire list of domain URLs which contain this keyword in it. For example, if you want to block creatives from an advertiser named, "XYZ," and specify the keyword in PubMatic as xyz, all the domain URLs present in the PubMatic system and all the subsequently added domain URLs, which contain xyz will be blocked, such as, and etc.

This feature also continuously checks the system at regular intervals if there are any new domain URLs being used to serve creatives. If such a new URL contains this keyword, then that URL is also automatically blocked. In this way, the publisher does not have to check for new URLs from the blocked advertiser and then block them manually. After adding a new keyword, the publisher can then use this feature to view the list of blocked domain URLs which contain this keyword. This allows the publisher to review and check whether this feature is not accidentally blocking a domain URL due to the presence of the specified keyword. The publisher can then unblock a domain URL which it does not want to block, even though it contains the specified keyword.

The objective of Keywords-based URL Blocking feature is to block the domain URLs automatically by specifying the keyword which appears in the URL name.

If you want to block creative URLs using keywords, you must first add the keyword. Once you add the keyword, the corresponding domain URLs (both currently existing and subsequently added) will be blocked automatically.

Add a Keyword

  1. Log in to the PubMatic platform.
  2. Select Ad Quality > Keywords.
  3. Use the Select Site drop-down to specify whether this action should apply to all sites or a specific site.
  4. In the Enter Keyword field, enter a keyword that you want to add.
  5. Use the Add button to create the keyword. Corresponding domain URL(s) are then blocked automatically.
Once you specify the keyword, you can block all the upcoming and existing URLs that contains the same keyword.


Download Blocklist by Keywords or URLs

  1. Select Ad Quality > Keywords.
  2. Use Download Blocklist above the keyword selection.
  3. Select the Download button  next to 
    Keywords blocklist to download a list of keywords in CSV format
    URL blocklist in CSV, XLS or PDF format.
  4. Choose Done when the download is complete.


Add or Edit Alerts

Individuals can receive daily alerts by enabling the feature and adding email addresses to receive.


Enable Alerts

  1. Select Ad Quality > Keywords from the main navigation.
  2. Select Edit Alerts.
  3. Perform one or more of the following functions:
  • Turn Daily Alerts on or off using the toggle switch at the top of the window.
  • Enter an email address in the Email address field, then click Add.
  • Delete an email address the icon.

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