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Viewing Ad Details

To view more details of a PubMatic ad on the current web page, use the View Details button.

  1. View the page where you want to inspect ads.
  2. Click the Ad Inspector icon in the toolbar to activate it.
  3. In the Ad Inspector panel, click the number of the ad for which you want to view details.
  4. Click View Details to the right of the ad.
    From the Site Details, you can view additional information such as Ad Size, Daisy Chain Info, Site ID and Page URL.To return to the previous summary panel, click the Back to Summary link in the upper left corner.

Blocking Ads

Ad Inspector does not support Unblocking.


  1. Follow instructions for Viewing Ad Details above.
  2. Click the Block Ad button to the right of the ad in the Ad Inspector panel.
  3. Click the Block this Ad tab on the right and select a Problem from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Submit and click Yes to confirm you want to block the ad. Block Ad will be grayed out for that ad immediately after submitting the request.

    Your request will be registered and the ad will be blocked in approximately 3 hours or less.


  • Blocking for the ad will occur for ALL the sites of the publisher and not just the one in view while blocking.
  • Ad Inspector does not support Unblocking.

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