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  • Ad Inspector may not be able to highlight the ads properly when the ad being inspected is either an inline ad, a popup ad, or a 1x1 ad. In such cases, Ad Inspector will display the details of the ads in the Ad Inspector panel but the overlay options for these ads on the Web page will be misplaced.
  • It is expected that overlay will move with the scroll bar on the webpages, where the Ad is fixed.
  • Ad inspector will still show entry in Panel if ad served by PubMatic is empty.
  • Ad Inspector plugin window minimizes when Block Ad, About, Email, or 'Report issue with Plugin' popups open and activate after a popup closes.
  • SLA is 3 hours or sooner.
  • The Block Ad functionality is applicable to RTB ads only.
  • Screenshot functionality will not work properly if ad loaded into iframe is of a different domain than the browser tab URL domain.

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