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The ads served by PubMatic are highlighted on your website when you have activated and logged in to Ad Inspector. When you view ads on your page, Ad Inspector provides interactive overlay options including:

  • Emailing the Ad Details
  • Downloading a Screenshot of the reviewed Creative

Emailing Ad Details

If you see any suspicious creative being served on your site, you can send an email immediately to the appropriate people directly from Ad Inspector. These details can be sent to the intended recipients for carrying out further actions such as prohibiting an ad network from serving creatives, suggesting improvements in the quality of creatives, requesting improvements in relevancy of creatives, etc.

The email will include a copy of the creative, its details and a URL Call Trace Report.

To send the details of the reviewed creative:

  1. Click Email in the ad overlay (in the upper left corner of the ad).
  2. Enter one or more email addresses in the To field. (Separate each addresses by a comma.)

    The ad tag ID, site ID, demand partner name, demand partner type (Ad Network, RTB, or non-RTB), and page URL are already included at the bottom of the Send Email to Support screen. (The Creative and URL Call Trace are automatically selected.)
  3. Complete the Email details: 

    Email Address of the sender. (Mandatory)
    To: Specify the email addresses to which the email should be sent. (Mandatory)
    Cc: Enter any email addresses that should also receive the email. 
    Subject: Enter the email subject. It's auto-populated with the subject of the email in the format, "Ad Inspector Report for Ad Tag Id X" (Where X indicates the ad tag's identification number.)
    Attachments: By default, a screenshot of the creative, screenshot of the webpage with the creative highlighted, and its URL call trace are attached to the email.
    Additional Comments: Add the body of the email.
  4. Click Send.

Email Report Sent from Ad Inspector

When you send an email from Ad Inspector it includes the Ad Creative and URL Call Trace details as attachments with remaining ad details in the Ad Inspector Report.


Downloading a Screenshot of Reviewed Creative

If you see any suspicious creatives being served on your Web site, it is recommended to download a screenshot of the creative on your computer.

To download a screenshot of the creative:

  1. Click the Screenshot link on the ad image. The image will open in a separate tab.
  2. Right-click on the image that has been opened in the new tab and select Save As to save the file locally.


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