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Private Marketplace (PMP) Deal APIs for Publishers

Before using PubMatic APIs, first generate the API Token. For more information, refer to Getting Started with PubMatic APIs.

The Private Market Place (PMP) API streamlines the process between publishers and demand partners/buyers to maximize revenue for premium inventory. The PMP APIs facilitate deal negotiations and closures by enabling demand partners/buyers to obtain premium PubMatic publisher inventory to display in their own systems and create deals. Follow the API instructions to manage this process with demand partners.

The API contains the following components:

  1. Creating a Deal: This (POST) API enables you to publish deals in PubMatic.
  2. Retrieving a List of Deals: This (GET) API retrieves the list of deals based on the filter criteria you include.
  3. Retrieving Details of a Deal: This (GET) API enables you to obtain the details of a specific deal.
  4. Updating a Deal: This (PUT) API enables you to update the details of a specific deal. Once your update is successful, a response will be sent to the DSP/Buyer with the newly-updated detail.

A deal can be created between a Publisher and a DSP or Buyer. This API allows a user to create and manage deals in the PubMatic system.

PMP API for Demand Partners documentation can be found here: Private Marketplace (PMP) Deal APIs for Demand Partners


Method Path

HTTP Method Type


Link to Definition



Create a new deal in the PubMatic system

Creating a Deal (for Publishers)



Retrieve the details of a specific deal

Retrieving Details of a Deal (for Publishers) 



Retrieve the list of deals

Retrieving List of Deals (for Publishers)



Update the details of a specific deal

Updating a Deal (for Publishers)

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