PubMatic Analytics documentation and videos to help publishers and buyers get actionable data with both real-time and historical data. Manager your account health and build strategies for maximizing your ROI.

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Guide to Analytics in the Publisher UI

The Analytics section of the Publisher UI provides general metrics, as well as publisher-specific insights. This includes Live Data, which delivers Funnel Analysis, Top Deals, Top Demand Sources, Bid Flow, and more. 

Guide to Existing Reports & Report Builder

The Analytics section provides real-time and historical metrics associated with your account. In this walkthrough, we’ll cover features that help you customize your metrics by Time/Date Range, Platform, Impression Count, and more.

Guide to the MBC Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics section of the Media Buyer Console (MBC) provides important KPIs and metrics you can review to understand spend, paid impressions, eCPM and more within your account. 

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