OpenWrap outstream functionality is built upon Prebid’s outstream support. To display an outstream ad via Prebid, an outstream "renderer" (Prebid's term for a video player) is required, as Prebid does not currently provide rendering capabilities for outstream units.

The term "outstream video" can describe different technical scenarios. As referenced by Prebid, an outstream video ad is a video ad that is displayed in an ad slot that’s handled as a display slot. The publisher’s ad server interprets the ad unit is as a display slot and therefore, line items for the outstream unit are display line items. The SSPs interpret the ad unit as a video ad unit and return a video creative. Prebid invokes the renderer to handle displaying the video creative.

Prebid supports two types of renderers:

Outstream discrepancies in OpenWrap

Outstream bid flow

  1. OpenWrap or Prebid is invoked from the JavaScript on the page with an outstream ad unit.
  2. The wrapper calls configured SSPs with a video bid request. The SSPs respond with video creatives.
  3. The wrapper sends bids to the ad server against a display ad unit. If the wrapper wins, the wrapper display line item's creative is returned to re-invoke the wrapper.
  4. The wrapper invokes outstream renderer, which renders the video creative.




Prebid version 4.4.0 or later

How to get started

Contact your PubMatic account manager for the outstream AU parameter.