Use the following instructions and guidelines to create an ad tag for video inventory. For complete instructions for creating sites, apps, and ad tags in PubMatic, see Account Setup Guide for Publishers (Sites & Ad Tags).

Some selections will auto-fill default options or will grey-out options that are not applicable to a selection.
  1. Select Inventory > Sites & Tags from the main navigation.
  2. Click Create Ad Tag.

Configuration Details

Select the site or app for which the ad tag will be applied and select Video as the Format Type.

VAST will automatically be selected as the response code when video is selected.

Video Preferences

Refer to the preference settings below, noting specific preference options for CTV video ad tags below.

CTV Video Preferences

User Data Parameters

Select User Data Parameters.

Default parameters will display based on requirements for the site or app selected in the Configuration Details section. Include as many parameters as possible, selecting each from the drop-down. 

Passback and Basic Details

  1. Click Provide Passback Script: 
  2. Click Save.

    Additional Parameters may be added once the tags are downloaded. Add parameters by appending "&" followed by parameter name=value. Refer to Video Parameters for specific parameters.