PubMatic has taken measures to ensure our platform is brand-safe for publishers and buyers. Below is a summary of the quality control products and processes we employ.

Brand Safety Measures


Solution Partners

PubMatic works with several inventory quality and viewability partners

Inventory Quality Partners

Viewability Partners

About Our Solution Partners

Pixalate delivers aFraud Management System that mitigates risk exposure with accredited anti-fraud solutions across display, in-app, video and OTT/CTV, and is available at http://www.pixalate.com.

White Ops is the global leader in human verification and data integrity. In 2016, White Ops was the first company to receive MRC accreditation for SIVT detection paving the way for the industry and offering a full suite solution that includes viewability, brand safety, fraud detection, and pre-bid verification. To learn more about White Ops, please visit: https://www.whiteops.com/ 

Both Pixalate, White Ops, and Moat are accredited by the MRT.